Where to Eat in Cusco


The food scene in Peru will surprise you. The fusion of quality, unique flavors, and artistic expression are leading edge. Each dish uses delicious local products to take your taste buds on their own journey that reaches the heights of the Andes. Visit for an adventure, stay for the food.

At 11,000 ft. Cusco may not have the advantage of serving freshly caught seafood, but it still very much represents the high standards of Peruvian cuisine. The following are a few tried and tested recommendations from our recent journey, but know that there are numerous choices that are equally deserving of mention here so feel safe to explore. One important tip to be mindful of: be wary of eating a large meal prior to acclimating to the altitude. Your body needs all of the oxygenated blood it can get, and asking it to digest a large meal can leave you feeling particularly sluggish.


Restaurant Inkazuela

If you're looking for unassuming, comfortable, delicious home-style Peruvian cooking, Restaurant Inkazuela is the place. The local-recipe soups, stews, and ceviche can't be beat. The open fireplace is symbolic for what you will find here: warm comfort, warm people, and warm food. We found ourselves coming back multiple times not only for the delicious food, but the comfortable atmosphere as well.


Greens Organic

Located on the second story of a beautifully refurbished colonial building near the Plaza de Armas, Greens Organic serves a delicious twist of local ingredients. Perfect for diners of any preference, it is easy to find menu items that not only satisfy diet restrictions, but taste buds too. Best of all, the restaurant stays true to its name, serving organic, local ingredients from the nearby area and Sacred Valley. I recommend visiting this restaurant early (and often) during your stay in Cusco, as the lighter fare is easier to digest as your acclimate to the altitude, but you don't have to miss out on delicious flavors while your body adjusts.


MAP Cafe

For a romantic night out, the MAP Cafe can't be beat. Set in an intimate, and dramatic, glass cube within the Museo de Arte Precolombino (MAP), you are treated to a unique and beautiful setting as light from countless candles dance in the reflections of the glass all around you. You can't go wrong with any item on the menu, but if you were thinking about trying cuy (guinea pig, a local specialty) rest assured it will be prepared well here. Just make sure to book a reservation in advance. Seating is limited, and this is one experience you don't want to miss.

Where have you eaten in Cusco that deserves mentioning? Let us know in the comments!