The Difference Between Nonstop and Direct Flights

A common misconception among travelers is that direct flights will take them from point A to point B without any stops between. In fact, a direct flight simply means the a flight in which the flight number does not change between two points, but there may be one or more stops between the origin and final destination. A nonstop, however, does exactly what its name suggests, it has no stops between the origin and destination.

Nonstop flights are often more convenient for travelers, as it takes them to their destination in the shortest, and therefore most comfortable, amount of time. However, these flights are often more expensive as well. The reason for a typically higher cost is that these flights often go away from a major hub, which means the airline also wants to make sure they're getting adequate revenue to cover the return trip. A direct flight, on the other hand, can be cheaper if you, the traveler, are filling a seat that may have otherwise gone empty for certain legs of the journey. You are trading a longer journey for a cheaper cost.

Most booking sites make it obvious if there are any stops or layovers along the way, but just in case you come across a great deal for a direct flight to somewhere amazing now you know to dig a little deeper before frantically pressing the checkout button.