Best Tapas in the Algarve


You wouldn’t guess from the front door, and especially from the drive leading to its marina-side location, but Tasca do Kiko holds a secret: they serve the best tapas anywhere in the Algarve.

If you even remotely consider yourself a foodie, make a reservation here as soon as you secure your trip to Lagos. Actually, make a couple reservations, as we can already guarantee that you’ll want to return. Located on the other side of the jetty from Lagos’ old town, you’ll undoubtedly second-guess yourself as you approach its location on your GPS. Persevere, as the boatyard actually provides a unique atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

Dress is Smart Casual, and we even took along our toddler son. While he was welcomed and loved in the typical, amazing and graceful, Portuguese style, and he was thankfully well-behaved that evening, we wouldn’t recommend bringing kids. Still, the service was excellent, with friendly and helpful staff on each of our visits. The staff even remembered our names after our first visit, which was a nice and particularly unexpected touch.

On to the important things: the food, starting with dessert of course. You could make a full meal out of these treats alone.

  • Pavlova

  • Carmel Fondant 

  • Chocolate Cake


In case you’re still hungry after dessert, let’s move on to the main courses. Here are a few of our favorite dishes (and yes, that’s my son’s crayon in one of the pictures…I already confessed, so either stop judging or move on!):

  • Seared tuna steak with wasabi puree

  • Grilled octopus with roasted almonds

  • Portuguese sausage in homemade cornbread, topped with quail eggs, served in a cast iron skillet

  • Fish cakes with sweet chili, ginger, and coriander

  • Lamb meatballs with yogurt and mint sauce


So how much will all of this delicious cuisine lighten your wallet? A party of four can get by for less than 100 euros, which includes a bottle of wine from their great selection, but once you scan the menu you’ll likely want to order one of everything. We returned as a couple and spent nearly as much just so we could try a wider range of their delicious options! Our only regret was that we found this place two days before we were scheduled to leave Portugal. At least we got to enjoy it twice!