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Common Travel Scams

When we travel, we are already outside of our comfort zone, trying to make our way through a place where the customs and language might not be familiar. To make matters worse, we are distracted by the sights, sounds, and other new senses all around us. All of these factors compound to make even the most seasoned travelers vulnerable to scams, and given that tourism is a rich industry, there are many people waiting to take advantage of your vulnerability. The best defense is to be prepared, and learn from the mistakes of others so you don't repeat them yourself.

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Travel Safety 101

Adventure is calling, but you don't know the first thing about traveling abroad and are fearful that it may be unsafe. Don't worry, if you follow these tips you'll dramatically lower your risk and be prepared for the majority of circumstances you might encounter. If these tips seem easy, it's because they are, and the world isn't actually as scary as your mind, and news stations, make it out to be.

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Best Time to Travel to Europe

Taking that big trip abroad to the destination of your dreams is full of excitement, and not a small bit of anxiety. You want everything to be perfect. Perfect weather, the sites completely to yourself, and all for a bargain price. Setting healthy expectations is important, but there are a few things you can do to try to better your odds, and one of the most significant factors you can plan for is the time of year you visit. That's right, the time of year you decide to travel influences many things, from the size of the crowds you're competing with, expenses for all tourism related activities, and of course the weather.

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