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Incredible Fiji Safari Photography

Fiji’s beauty is everywhere. From tropical jungles with stunning waterfalls, to the sea with rainbow-colored coral and sea life, and in the sky, stargazing deep into the Milky Way with zero light pollution. If beauty, relaxation, and adventure are what you’re after, Fiji, and Vacala Bay Resort, have it all. Take a look at these photos and dream about your own Fiji vacation.

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The Best Camera to Travel With

The debate around which camera is the best camera is a fierce one, and also one that most people don't actually need to entertain. A camera is simply a tool that removes the restrictions keeping you from capturing the image you want. The part that so many people fail to realize is that it is up to them to find that image, and that is more than half of the battle.

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Photography Has Nothing To Do With Cameras

An artist’s brush or a sculptor’s chisel are useless in the hands of most, but in Michelangelo’s they produced the finest art the world has ever seen. Similarly, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars of fancy equipment to capture amazing images. All it takes is a little planning, a little preparation, and a lot of luck.

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