Drone Regulations in Fiji


Fiji is the perfect location for stunning drone footage. Turquoise water composed against coral reefs and pristine beaches, deserted islands formed by thousands of years of wind and waves, all make for images your loved ones back home won’t believe are real unless you capture them. But it’s important to obtain the proper permissions, and operate respectfully of local laws and customs. Here’s what you need to know to operate a drone in Fiji. 

Apply for permission from he Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF) prior to arriving in Fiji. It is best if you apply at least a month prior, though in our experience we obtained a response in a couple days. To apply, simply download, complete, and email the form found here to info@caaf.org.fj. In only a couple of days you should receive an email reply that your form represents your approval, so be sure to print out your form, as well as the email, and bring them with you as carry on items. If you are asked questions in customs, these are your important items. 

Follow the rules. They are simple, and stated on the form you just complete.

  • Don’t fly over 200 ft.

  • Don’t fly within 3km of a domestic airport, or 5km of an international airport.

  • Don’t interfere with any aircraft. 

  • Maintain visual contact with your drone at all times.

Follow normal safety procedures, and make sure you bring enough memory cards!