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Pilgrimage to Israel

The land of Israel has long been a magnet for people of faith. For centuries, pilgrims have braved dangers and endured hardship in order to set foot on the soil of their spiritual heritage. In awe they stood before the gates of Jerusalem, and reverently they walked its streets, bowing in silent prayer before sacred shrines.To this holy land pilgrims continue to come, to walk through the ancient remains and learn from their past, to read and recall that unfolding drama of faith in its setting, and to learn the lessons of life which this history teaches. 

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Masada: A Must See In Israel

"Masada will not fall again" is not just a slogan, it is part of the Israeli national experience, and the story of a valiant, if ultimately unsuccessful, defiance by a small group of Jewish rebels against the Roman Empire. Built by Herod the Great, the desert location, steep ascent, and elaborate fortifications are just the beginning.

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