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Drone Regulations in Fiji

Fiji is the perfect location for stunning drone footage. Turquoise water composed against coral reefs and pristine beaches, deserted islands formed by thousands of years of wind and waves, all make for images your loved ones back home won’t believe are real unless you capture them. But it’s important to obtain the proper permissions, and operate respectfully of local laws and customs. Here’s what you need to know to operate a drone in Fiji. 

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Incredible Fiji Safari Photography

Fiji’s beauty is everywhere. From tropical jungles with stunning waterfalls, to the sea with rainbow-colored coral and sea life, and in the sky, stargazing deep into the Milky Way with zero light pollution. If beauty, relaxation, and adventure are what you’re after, Fiji, and Vacala Bay Resort, have it all. Take a look at these photos and dream about your own Fiji vacation.

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Vacala Bay Resort Review

What criteria are paramount for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation? How about beautiful beaches, beautiful snorkeling, world-class food, and some adventurous excursions too? We were searching for all of this, and thought, how about Fiji? The only problem, which some would argue isn’t a real problem, is that finding all of these criteria in Fiji automatically had us looking at resorts. There are resorts in Fiji that certainly provide their own piece of paradise, but what if you want more than one piece? At the end of the day, you’re isolated to their beach, their food, and their tours for the duration of your stay. Not that the experience provided would be bad. Of course it would be incredibly relaxing, but what if it could be better? What if you could have all of the relaxation, the beautiful beach and world-class food, while getting out and exploring wherever you wanted to go? Seeing things few will ever get to see?

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