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Know Before You Go - France

France has something for everyone. Ski in the Alps, relax on the Mediterranean, hike the Pyrenees, indulge in world-class food and wine, and of course, there’s Paris. Deciding where to go is the fun part, so we’ll cover the essentials so you can travel like a pro, and relax while you do!

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An Evening at Sainte-Chapelle

The Louvre has Mona Lisa, the Eiffel Tower owns the skyline, but where else in Paris, let alone Europe, can you feel as if you’ve been transported inside of a kaleidoscope, bright and brilliant? The answer: Sainte-Chapelle. It’s a must for any Paris itinerary, and with some planning and following a few tips, can be a magical night you’ll never forget.

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5 Reasons Normandy Should Be On Your Bucket List

Fairytale villages dot a countryside filled with cows producing buttery, soft cheese, and farmers perfecting their unique apple brandy. A wealth of bed and breakfasts await, their warm and welcoming hospitality turning up a collective nose at their snobby neighbors in Paris. All of this quaintness and comfort is surrounded by a rich history of some of the most important, and tragic, events the world has ever seen. This is the region of Normandy, a two hour train ride northwest of Paris, and worthy of inclusion on your bucket list. If you’re planning a trip to Paris, carve out a couple of days, at least, for Normandy. There’s so much to learn and explore, so here are a few can’t-miss sights, along with some tips on travel logistics. 

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An Honest Guide to Paris

What hasn’t been written about Paris? It’s stunning, of course it is, but it’s also crowded, hectic, and overwhelming. “But it’s romantic,” you say, to which I reply, “Only if you make it.” With so much to see during what is inevitably too short a timeline, a visit to Paris can quickly turn from a fantasy to a whirlwind of missed expectations. Use the following as your guide, and you’ll give the City of Lights a chance to illuminate your heart, and your travel dreams.

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Tips for Driving in France

Driving in France can be a delight. Cruising down narrow country roads through vineyards or over hills of lavender is a wonderful way to experience the French countryside, and the only real way to see this part of France. Driving through the center of ancient cities, narrow hill towns, or busy Paris, however, is not an enjoyable, or advisable, experience. If your itinerary calls for reaching some out of the way places, go ahead and rent a car, but do your homework before you go. There are some important differences that you should prepare for when driving in France.

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Perfect Provence: Serenity in Southern France

Bunches of lavender hang from the beams, beeswax colored pastel pigments cover the walls, and homemade jams accompany a gluttonous breakfast spread on our patio table as we linger in bed late into the morning. The scents from the surrounding fields of cypress, almond, and olive trees on the warm trade winds blow through the curtains, cleansing our senses with each deep breath, and preparing us to enjoy the finer things that only the French know how to provide. Stress? Gone. Worries? Forgotten. Cares? Just bring another pastry please. The serenity of southern France has won. 

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