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Journey to Machu Picchu

Take an Inca Trail less traveled for a 7 day trek over mountains, across rivers, and through jungles to discover the secrets of the Peruvian people. Our trek was not only an adventure in itself, but it gave us a glimpse into the history, culture, and life of the Incas in the Andes mountains. And it gave us memories that will last a lifetime.

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Review: Mountain Lodges of Peru - The Best Way to Experience Machu Picchu

Mountain Lodges of Peru has accomplished something truly spectacular by building luxurious lodges deep within the Andes, greeting you at the end of each day’s hike with drinks, a hot shower, gourmet meals, soft beds, massages, and even outdoor jacuzzis. Now you can have the amazing trekking experience you’ve dreamt of without the cold, wet nights in a tent surrounded by the noise and odor of other hikers.

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