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Switzerland's Best Kept Secret

Travel can take you to places that relax you, places that inspire you, places that provide adventure and wanderlust, places that challenge and stretch you, and places that transport you to another time in history. It is rare, though we search endlessly, to find places where all of these come together. Where you can simply sit down and marvel at your surroundings, for hours, or days, on end, never tiring of where you are, and the majesty all around you. Gimmelwald is one of those places.

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Perfect Day in the Perfect Alpine Town: Gimmelwald

Gimmelwald is Switzerland’s best-kept secret, one that has been wonderfully hidden and faithfully maintained by its forward-thinking people. Beautifully stuck in tradition, and the simple, pure pleasures of life, Gimmelwald is the perfect place to experience the Alps. In all of our travels, it’s the closest we’ve found to everything being exactly as it should be. What follows is our recommendation for how to spend the perfect day in this most perfect alpine hideaway.

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Zermatt: Nonstop Alpine Adventure

It looms over the land, like a great king surveying his kingdom from the top of his keep, casting a great shadow so all will know who rules these lands. The Matterhorn, the icon of the Alps, and the most photographed mountain in the world, is even more imposing in person. It will stagger you with its dramatic, awe-inspiring face, and is worth a trip to Zermatt on its own. But there is so much more to this quintessential ski town sitting at the base of the Matterhorn, with near endless alpine adventures to be had in all directions. And all can be enjoyed in clear view of the ancient mountain peering down at you.

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