The One: The Only Place to Stay in Siem Reap


What would you do if you had an entire hotel to yourself? Would you order room service at any and all hours? Schedule a private car and guide to take you on an amazing adventure? Relax in the spa every day, all day? At The One Hotel Angkor, this dream can be your reality. Here, you are the One.

The One is a single room luxury hotel in The Passage, the heart of Siem Reap, where anything you want is at your fingertips, all at non-luxury prices. The Passage is a pedestrian-only lane between the Old Market and Pub Street. Situated in the middle of the action, the location cannot be beat, but the scene outside can get rowdy late into the night. Worry not, however, because the One is a soundproof oasis as soon as you walk in the doors.

The first floor lobby doubles as a relaxing cocktail bar, where you will often find the hotel’s owner, Martin Dishman, who is always the quintessential host and willing to talk about his passion for crafting unforgettable hotel experiences. The upper two floors belong to you alone. Walk up the first flight of stairs to enter your suite. A large, curving king bed dominates a room filled with modern touches. An iPad, surround sound speakers, and TV are available for use. Behind the headboard is an ingeniously designed vanity, long and deep step-in tub, and door-less shower, all built for two. Continue up another flight of stairs to find a shaded rooftop lounging area, complete with breakfast table overlooking The Passage, queen-size day bed, and Jacuzzi.

To top it off, the best part of the experience is the item given to each guest upon arrival: a mobile phone with the numbers of each staff person on speed dial. Would you like to order something from that great restaurant across town? No problem, it will be here shortly. Would you like a specialty cocktail? Just ask. How about an official tour guide for the day to show you the amazing temples of Angkor? That can be arranged. As can your own personal shopper to take you to the local markets, away from the tourists, to find that special something.

All of this luxury must come at a cost, right? While you can certainly find cheaper lodging in Siem Reap, The One is actually priced similar to what you would pay for a middle-of-the-road hotel in a metropolitan area in the United States. That means you can be The One without breaking the bank, with costs starting around $250 per night. We often don’t spend much on lodging when we travel, as experiences are more important than the place we will be when our eyes are closed. In the case of The One, however, it enhances all aspects of your trip to the temples of Angkor and Siem Reap in a way no other service can, and therefore should be considered the one, and only, place to stay.