Andrew & Leah

Andrew changed schools prior to starting 1st grade. It was this event that thrust him and Leah together, and they have been madly in love ever since, traveling the world, living out of a backpack, and ignoring the 9-5, materialistic pressures heaved upon them at every turn…

Yep, none of that is true. Well, the part about meeting in 1st grade is true, but Leah didn’t like Andrew then. In fact, she felt the opposite (she sometimes still feels that way...). The way she tells it, he stole her best friend every recess to play basketball, but how is that his fault?

It took Leah awhile, but she finally came around, and during their senior year of high school they officially became sweethearts. Aww. The rest, as they say, is history.

After college, we ("finally"...that's Leah talking) got married, and have had the privilege and good fortune to travel, but have also made it a goal to continue. We didn't quit our jobs, sell everything we own, and start traveling the world living out of a backpack. We imagine you're reading this because you didn't either.

No, instead we entered the workforce and simply made it one of our goals to get outside of our country and culture at least once every year. That decision has led to countless rich experiences, relationships, and awestruck moments. Travel has only solidified our view that traveling is something worth pursuing, and today more than ever it is within the realm of possibility for so many people. Our goal is to demystify travel and help inspire others to take that trip they've always dreamed of through sharing our experiences and lessons learned as "normal" travelers.

Let's face it, for most of us, getting out of our comfort zone is only fun once we're back in it. The thought of traveling across an ocean to a land and culture that is different from our own is enough of a headache to keep us in our bubble, no matter how amazing the people, history, or food may be. Travel articles such as "10 Places to See Before You Die" don't do anything to actually get you out of the office and into a plane. We're sharing our experiences, what worked, a lot about what didn't, and the little things you need to know in order to expand your comfort zone, and even consider placing one foot outside of it...

Tim & Summer

Tim and Summer’s relationship began with a storybook beginning. So long as that story is a romantic comedy about a pale, shy and embarrassingly awkward guy in the midst of an early-life crisis, who just walked away from a full-ride scholarship to business school, quit his job and was left wondering what to do with his life only to meet a beautiful girl who was crazy enough herself to fall in love with him. So, basically, just your classical storybook beginning. What began with a double blind date turned into a love that’s blossomed into an amazing ten-year marriage with a few stories to tell along the way.

Over the years, Tim and Summer’s love for being outdoors and finding new places to explore lead them to hike and camp throughout the Pacific Northwest where they call home. Amid working full time jobs, they were able to get out and explore parts of Europe and the Caribbean too. They were lucky enough to exchange vows amid a beautiful sunset in Dominican Republic. Work always called them back home but they knew they would always be travelers at heart.  

As chance would have it, Tim would find his way to the same nursing program as Leah, and after three years of awkwardly ignoring her too, Tim and Leah would wind up working in the same ICU and a new friendship began. As luck would have it, Tim, Summer, Leah and Andrew all seemed to liked to do the same things, and more importantly, loved doing those things together. This friendship has taken them to some special places and given them more travel ideas than they can keep track of.

This project is our way of sharing our travels with you, showing you what has taken our breath away and how we’ve done it while working full time careers. Now with little bundles of joy to bring along, our future trips will also share our experiences traveling with young children and the joys of showing them what the world has to offer. We hope you’re inspired to take your own adventures and share the times you’ve been in awe with us.