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Go On A Trip

Planning a trip? You’re in the right place. Once you decide on when and where, use the links below to make your lodging reservations as you normally would.

We’ve found Hotels.com and VRBO are best for within the United States, and Airbnb and Booking.com work well everywhere.

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Get Some Travel Gear

From backpacks to drones to lightweight clothing, we’re suckers for sweet travel gear.

For drones and gimbals to capture your travel adventures, no one does it better than DJI. We love our Mavic Air and Osmo Pocket. Both are compact and light, meaning we never have to think twice about whether to bring them along, and the performance out of such a small package is nothing short of unbelievable.

When it comes to luggage, the design gurus at Incase have thought of everything. Their ProConnected Smart Luggage comes with a built-in battery that can charge multiple devices, including your laptop, at once and still roll easily down to your gate. The EO Travel Backpack has gone everywhere with us for years due to its weather-proof material built with dedicated pockets to protect all of your devices, yet still large enough, with the ability to expand, to fit a long-weekend’s worth of clothes and slide under the airline seat in front of you. The designers at Incase must be working with magic.

Packing light is essential, which means your travel clothing also needs to be comfortable and perform well, no matter if you’re hiking the Inca trail or sitting down to a gourmet meal in Provence. Based in our own backyard of Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear has been with us on every adventure. From up above 15,000 ft. to diving in tropical waters and everything in between, it has never worn out, and never let us down.


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